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Tom Thumb

Long ago when all the world was wood the most fearsome foe was the one that breathed fire…
The makers of ‘Chicken Licken’ and ‘Terry Jones Fairy Tales’ bring the story of Tom Thumb to life in an exciting adventure for 4-9 year old children and their families. The very first folk story ever printed in English in 1621 mixes a legend set in the times of King Arthur with Celtic folklore. This epic tale of the smallest hero in the world is told with superb puppetry, music and fantastic design. This tale is always told in times of great change, when we know the world our children will live in is going to be very different. Celebrating nature, with sensory play and participation, children are encouraged to explore their local natural environments, with music to sing along to.
Celebrating 21 years of making theatre for families DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre’s previous productions ‘Baba Yaga Boney Legs’ and ‘Puss in Boots’ astounded family audiences in theatres, outdoor events and festivals.
“When it comes to making children’s theatre, it’s clear DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre are part of the upper crust” – childrenstheatrereviews.com

Workshop Information

Children will learn puppetry basics from a professional puppeteer, bringing characters from well known stories to life using objects and figures.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 4-9
Running time 50 minutes
Suitable venues small scale indoor and outdoor
Technical information Technical information
Requirements: 4m width, 3m depth, 2m height.
Can be staged indoors or outdoors.
Duration: 50 minutes no interval
Tech requirements – minimal. DNA can supply all necessary lighting and sound if required.
Get in: 90 minutes
Get out 60 minutes
Availability Tour commences January 23rd 2016
Contact adam@DynamicNewAnimation.co.uk

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