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Teenage Puppets

for a history of DNA youth projects click here

Original puppet design by Georgina Solo

DNA provides the opportunity for youth groups to develop an exciting and original way for young people to express themselves and to explore difficult social and emotional issues that they may be experiencing.
DNA has conducted many projects for young adults exploring issues using this technique, and has found that this approach can be highly successful in helping young people think about decisions and consequences in their own lives of issues of behaviour such as sex and relationships, bullying and substance abuse.

"The puppets were inspirational! The young people were able to relate to them so well,that it became fun to address a strong message around sexual health issues.' Vicky Lomax, Youth Arts Co ordinator, Rochdale Borough Council

The Hoodies were used in the 'Portrait of a Nation' national youth arts project 2008

Project Aims

  • to give a sense of perspective on, and better understanding of moral and behavioural issues confronting young people in their lives
  • increased self-confidence and self expression
  • experience of the creative industries of film, animation and the performing arts
  • a sense of achievement of creating something as part of a group

Puppets are made to commission that young people will find interesting, entertaining and easy to use, portraying 'everyman' characters of different gender, ethnicity and social type. Most will be young people, and there will be one or two older characters to represent parents, teachers or any other older character. DNA also provides training in the use of these puppets and techniques to help the young people to come up with the performance material for filming.

These puppets are used in Sex'n'Chips, DNA's original peer education project on sex and relationships for schools and youth groups. Click the icon on the left for further information

The plotline and the characters are devised and developed with participants, encouraging a strong sense of ownership of the material, imaginative creativity and expressive literacy using their own personal experience as source material. Some of the participants may be interested in the performing aspect, others in the design, plotting, creation of backgrounds and props or in the recording and editiing of the digital material.

An enthusiastic and committed group can produce an entertaining DVD which they can be proud of.

For a sample lesson plan on sex and relationships education, click here

These puppets are for sale and are made to commission. Please contact our education programme manager for further information.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 11 - 18 year olds
Running time 3 hour training session.
Suitable venues youth groups, parenting groups
Availability by negotiation
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