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Giant Puppets

For over 10 years DNA have made puppets of all shapes and sizes with many larger than life creations for carnivals, festivals and parades. Often DNA artists will work with a group of childdren, young people or families over a period of time as a residency to learn

  • construction techniques
  • decorative skills
  • large scale puppet maneuvering / manipulation
  • choreographed routines

During Puppet Up! Blackpool's Festival of Puppetry (1997 - 2006), DNA's Artistic Director co-ordinated many groups of children and young people with North West artists to create super-sized sculptures and figures.

The 6m tall Yemanja made at Parliament Hill School, London

Bispham High School students make Carnival Backpack figures

rigging a 50' tall puppet in Blackpool


Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 8 years and over
Running time 1 day to 2 week residencies
Suitable venues large halls and arts / crafts rooms
Availability by enquiry
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