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The Frog Prince and Other Peculiar Tales

"The Frog Prince is a crowd pleaser which charmingly wins young hearts and minds." Animations

'The Frog Prince

Directed & Designed by Rachel Riggs
Dramaturgy by Adam Bennett
Devised and performed by Liz Fitzgerald Taylor (No Nonsense Theatre)

Following the success of ‘Terry Jones Fairy Tales’,
DNA presents a quirky show for 5-11 year olds and their families.

A magical & witty one-woman adaptation of the famous froggy tale, exploring the endearing relationship between princess & frog, puppet & performer! Follow Queenie and the funky frog’s adventures from a unique take on the traditional tale to Terry Jones ‘clever and crazy’ Fairy Tales. Travel through the past, present and future in a magic mirror with extraordinary animals, audience participation and a right royal wedding!

Combining masks, shadows, physical performance and transforming objects with an originally composed soundtrack, this is an eccentric re-telling into extraordinary characters, this piece will be sure to excite and entertain! This performance can be accompanied by a hands-on workshop session finding out about and making shadow puppets with scrap materials to perform with and take home.

‘Recycle, Reuse and Ribbit!’

Preview the show by watching bits of the very first show performed in Preston in 2010. Check our listings for where you can catch the show near you.



Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 5-11 year olds
Running time 50 minutes
Suitable venues small scale arts centres, cultural centres, schools, libraries and festivals.
Technical information Blackout/greyout required for shadow puppet scenes. For our technical page, click here
Availability from March 2011
Contact see contact page

For the full review from Animations, click here

The Rainbow Cat - made by Geogina Solo

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