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Cloud Child

‘I thought it was brilliant, straight from the start, the music and everything was just right.
Especially everyone joining in the end, even the littlest ones investigating and allowed to interact with the performers and show’
Audience feedback

It’s a windy day – perfect for hanging out the washing. But there's a suprise on the clothes line - a child from the clouds is caught up with the sheets! How can we make friends when we're from different worlds?

Concept design and direction: Rachel Riggs
Performed by: Liz Fitgerald-Taylor and Adam Bennett
Original Music: Verbal Vigilante Music
Cloud Child puppet made by Georgina Solo

With a child-centred approach, the elemental nature of clouds stimulates the imagination and emotional expressive development of under sixes.

Cloud Chld explores the bond between parent and child in a touching and delightful way. While hanging out the washing an older couple find that a cloud child has tumbled down from the sky. The woman cares for the child and helps it to learn all the things a human child does. The Cloud Child is delighted but can it learn to be happy with it's feet on the ground?

Cloud Child is a highly visual, non-verbal show, which uses Makaton sign language, and is therefore suitable for children with special needs.

DNA’s practice with creating work for young children always begins with the exploration of materials and objects to stimulate imaginative play, engaging them as participants and audience in a process of creating characters, stories and worlds.
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Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 2-5s
Running time 50 minutes
Suitable venues small scale arts centres, theatre studios
Technical information click here
Availability throughout 2013

Also available for family enrichment

Interactive play session 'CLOUDS'

‘Clouds’ is based on open play with everyday objects and materials, starting with the element of air and encouraging young children to look at nature.
The universal everyday theme connects with all young children, and we only have to look out of the window to see clouds of all kinds, little fluffy clouds, grey rainclouds, and huge fantastic faraway cloud lands.
In the play we reinterpret the looking at the clouds game and imagining we see different shapes – letting the child lead with their imagination - what can you see?
Every child is given their own little fluffy cloud to nurture, animate and sculpt into whatever they imagine.
With our lead Early Years Artist comes
• A cloud cloth to crawl under and games , to peek a boo thru.
• Cloud shaped cushions
• A basket of white cloth with different sensory textures.
• Originally composed music
• Over head projector shadow play & puppets
• Storytelling, improvised with the children’s ideas and responses.
Through many years of experience in creating work specifically for Early Years, and training play enablers and educators, DNA have now created an integrated concept of performance and workshop.

During the session, adults are also encouraged to share the child's experience, by assisting with the imaginative play but sometimes just to sit back and observe.

‘This has been great – so many classes expect more structure. Parents constantly echo what the class leader is saying. This has been lovely because its much freer and child led and gives a much better idea of the children’s own imagination. Through the freedom, its more relaxing for the parent (not always having to say “no.”) Isabelle has had more fun too.’ – Monika Neall.

‘Well structured, flexible format to give kids space to respond in their own way – to watch or be shy and to join in when ready.’ – Father participating with daughter at the Lowry


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