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Ball Pond Bobby

Also available as an interactive theatre play session 'Round and Round' with

"A delicious treat of a show that engaged and enthralled our audience.
Full of beautiful little touches, the show even included an opportunity for children and adults to play together in the space after the show, which worked brilliantly.
Simple yet magical, DNA not only entertained the children but also demonstrated a clear understanding of how they think"

- Simon Hollingworth, Lincoln Drill Hall

"I thought this was a really lovely show, inventive, creative and great fun!
I would happily recommend this show" - Deborah Clarke, The Mill Arts Centre Banbury

"The kids were enthralled, I enjoyed it"

"Absolutely fantastic. Relaxing and calming for adults as well as kids"- Interviews with audience members at the Fleetwood Marine Hall, February 2007

There's a trip to the Ball Pond! Hip Hip hooray!

Off we go to tumble and play!

Bobby's trip to the Ball pond takes us into another world as we dive deepdown into a child's imagination...through the universe of lost socks, hidden games & magic sweets.

We swim through spheres and encounter a universe of mislaid toys, goldfish & balloons.

Whoosh! We spiral up into orbit &trip the light fantastic with ballroom dancers -whirling from star to star.

In a world of round & round, Bobby plays up & down

Oops! We've gone too far! Catch a falling star and fly back safe to Mum's smiling face.

A special event for 2-5 yrs, drawn from research with young children & play. Play takes children out of themselves, to explore the world beyond what they are and what they know. Play encourages imagination & creativity, play develops abstract thinking, which goes beyond the here and now. Play helps children to know themselves, others and relate to the universe they inhabit.

Through Dna's unique style of skilful puppetry, visual theatre, dance choreography & a specially composed soundtrack from Verbal Vigilante Music, this combination of originally devised performance and special guided activities explores circular movement and the joy of play!




Also involved in the development of this project are The Lowry of Salford Quays, The Charter Theatre of Preston, Verbal Vigilante Music of Preston and 21 South St, Reading.

Ball Pond Bobby explores the concept of an aspect of child development called schemas.

Schemas are patterns of linked behaviours, which the child can generalise and use in a whole variety of different situations. It is best to think of schemas as being a cluster of pieces, which fit together.’ ( Tina Bruce ‘Early Childhood Education’ 1997)


Schemas are described as mental structures and also as patterns of behaviour. As a baby uses their biological reflexes, they experience movement, sound, texture, light and pattern, tastes and smells. These experiences add to and alter babies’ existing schemas, which become more complex as actions are repeated in different contexts. As their schemas become co-ordinated we are able to observe recognisable patterns of behaviour in young children, which can help us to understand them better, to enjoy their company more and to help them to learn in deep and thorough ways. Some examples of schemas often observed in children under three include transporting, enveloping, trajectory and positioning. This project is interested in the schema of rotation and transforming.

Click here for a report into the research and development week at the Lowry September 2006


Workshop Information

This highly participatory and interactive event comes with opportunities for the very young to play, interact, and enjoy guided activities throughout.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 2-5 year olds
Running time 40 minutes
Suitable venues Supported theatres and arts centres. Played in the round on a combined performing and audience area minimum 7m by 7m. Maximum audience size 80.
Technical information click here
Risk assessment click here
Availability by negotiation


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