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The Cabinet of Hearts

The Enormous Turnip

Also available as an interactive theatre play session with

A Feast of Folk Tales

DNA imaginativley dish up a trilogy of classic European folk tales, blending puppetry & visual theatre techniques, percussion and audience participation.

Inside a dusty attic, a trunk full of tales comes to life...

Rod and string puppets creatively tell the adventure of a hungry family & their enormous turnip.
The old man's dreams come to life through shadow play as we magically discover that, when we pull together, even the littlest one can make all the difference!

Through the window of a tiny cottage we join the little girl and her mother.
Simmering away at the stove is the magic cooking pot.
Get carried away with us, as the porridge pot overflows, bubbling over into the audience!
Can the children help save the village from the sea of sweet porridge?

Out from the old toy trunk rolls the story of the runaway pancake.
The seven hungry little boys can't catch the pancake puppet as he jumps out of the pan and away!
Join him on his adventure as he rolls across the fields and the imaginations of the audience!

Family Workshop

The educational workshop that is available with The Enormous Turnip will see the kids using found everyday household objects (vegetables, spoons, etc) along with beads and fabric to create easily animated puppets. The Children learn about shape. colour, craft skills, recycling and simple role play.

We would supply the materials & objects. We've a large stock of coloured fabrics, foam shapes, sticky back plastic,cellophane and trimmings, as well as kids scissors, tape, pritt stick etc.

We just require a suitable space with a few tables in.
The numbers would be limited to up to 25 accompanied children per workshop & would run for approx 40 mins

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 3-7 year olds
Running time 50 minutes
Suitable venues Arts Centres, Theatres, Community Venues
Technical information click here
Availability by negotiation
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