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Children's Puppet Shows, Young People's Theatre and Visual Theatre Performances for Adults


"Family entertainment doesn't get much better than this."

Kate Feld - Manchester Metro 11 December 2006

Since 1994, DNA has created ten nationally touring theatre performances for children. Starting with the original and still much loved Thurtinkle show, DNA made their first appearance in May 1994 at the Punch & Judy May Fayre festival Covent Garden, London. Thurtinkle has since told his tales at arts centres, festivals, theatres, parks, libraries, museums, the Tate Gallery in London and even on 'This Morning' with Richard & Judy!.


'Cloud Child' (2013-16) - an exploration of parenting, the natural world and creative play. This project was researched and developed with partners in England The Lowry, Birmingham Rep and Horse and Bamboo touring the UK in 2014. In 2015/6 AD Rachel Riggs continues development in Australia and international touring.

'Ball Pond Bobby' (2007-10)- a visual theatre performance and guided play activities for children between the ages of 2 and 5. Exploring the world of round and round, DNA have collaborated with dancer Tids Pickard and developed the piece with the assistance of the Lowry, Salford Quays and the Guild Charter Theatre Preston. Specially composed soundscape by Verbal Vigilante Music

A Tishoo! (2004) Using innovative visual theatre techniques and delightful puppetry, imaginative landscapes and stories are created using light and shadow, paper and performer. Original soundtrack composed by Haviel Perdana. Brought back for Christmas 2007 at the special request of the Lowry, Salford Quays.

Chicken Licken (1999) This one-man show is a trilogy of classic tales from the Ladybird books - Chicken Licken, The Little Red Hen and The Fox and the Hen. Starting as a baking demonstration, the show rapidly becomes the adventures of a growing chick and her encounters with a hungry fox. This show uses shadow and rod puppetry and has an original musical score by Jon Owen.

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' (1998) DNA's first performance for early years. A massive national sell-out success. With kind permission from the Eric Carle foundation, the performance was faithful to the Images and text of the book.

4- 11 YEAR OLDS -

'Tom Thumb' (2016) - a retelling of the original Celtish legend with folk music and song, object theatre and puppetry using found wood and storytelling.

'Terry Jones Fairy Tales' (2009) - a celebration of storytelling and puppetry bringing to live beautifully witty and engaging tales by well known author and Python Terry Jones.

'Dr Nose Travels Through Time' (2008)- Thurtinkle has regenerated, and has invented a way for his little house to go into the past! A performance with tales from and about history using a variety of puppetry techniques..

'Puss in Boots'(2006) - a retelling of the famous tale of the clever cat who guides his human friend to position, fortune and love using only his hunting skills and native cunning. Directed by Steve Tiplady (Indefinite Articles) and performed by Adam Bennett and Miriam Grau Casas.

Baba Yaga Boney Legs (2005)- an exciting contemporary adventure based upon the legends of the Baba Yaga, a powerful creature from Russian folk tales. Combining puppetry, acrobatics and dynamic staging. Specially composed soundscape by Verbal Vigilante Music. Designed in collaboration with Jo Pocock ("Shockheaded Peter").

The Enormous Turnip - A Feast of Folk Tales (2003)- This show combines the famous story of The Enormous Turnip with The Runaway Pancake and The Magic Porridge Pot creating a feast for young eyes. Original music by Sarah Collins.

Sweetie Pie (2000) A modern day adaptation of the tale of 'Hansel and Gretel'. Performed with Hannah Ringham (SHUNT) and supported by the Puppet Centre Trust. Original music by Jon Owen.

Around the World with Thurtinkle (1996) Multicultural tales from Thurtinkle's suitcase. Thurtinkle returns from travelling the world to tell his friend Rachel his latest collection of tales from India, Australia and Brazil. Live music and percussion combine with glove, shadow and string puppetry.

Thurtinkle's Telling Tales (1994). Thurtinkle is a much loved storyteller from the Land of the Big Noses, who lives in a very tiny house. When his friend Rachel comes to visit, he opens his Magical Storybox - full to the brim with Folk and Fairy tales that delight and fascinate children. Live music and plenty of audience participation.



'Genie in a Bottle' (2004) - a performance by a dedicated group of young people in Manchester about how advances in the sciences of genetics and nanotechnology could change the way we live and society. DNA worked in partnership with Manchester Museum and Contact Theatre. Funded by the Wellcome Trust and ACE.

'Sex 'n' Chips' (2001) was devised by working with a group of 14-16 year olds in Blackpool as a year-long project of peer education, and initially performed by those same young people. DNA adapted the performance into a touring production which toured in 2002, premiering at the Take Off festival of theatre for children and young people.

'Skin Deep Circus' (1999) previewed at BACs British Festival of Visual Theatre, the Green Room and Xtrax Festival, Manchester. Specialist direction from Bob Frith, Artistic Director of Horse and Bamboo Theatre. Devised by the company in collaboration with Danny Schlessinger/Sian De Lier, Theresa Grimaldi, and Gaby Parker. A human ringmaster cruelly coerces his puppet acts to perform, but his/her secret is revealed.

The Cabinet of Hearts (1996), developed from a series of short pieces performed at the DNA Cabaret and working with live musicians. Performed at LUTKE festival of puppetry in Ljubliana, Slovenia.

DNA Cabaret (1994 - 2001), a showcase of new work in puppetry and visual theatre for an adult audience. By 1999 DNA produced over 50 cabarets at BAC, the Puppet Centre 21st Birthday, for The London International Mime Festival, the Lion & Unicorn in Kentish Town, plus an Arts Council funded tour with directorial assistance from Phelim McDermott and Sue Buckmaster. Over the years we had many talented people perform such as Steve Tiplady, Blind Summit, Kazuko Hohki, John Hegley, and Jason Maverick plus many many more brilliant acts.



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