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Image from Ashton Group Youth Theatre, Barrow-in-Furness

For Community & Education

DNA offers shadow workshops making puppets and scenery suitable for each Key Stage in schools as well as for youth groups and special needs groups. Lots of hands on participation, making and performing, as well as percussion instruments and sound. This allows the group to create detailed scenes with puppets and body shadows. The technique works well for role-playing historical scenes, for imaginative play, dream sequences and journeys

Benefits of shadow puppetry

  • Builds self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Achievable skill building process
  • Positive perfomance experience
  • Develops language and communication skills


Journeys (Year 2/3)
Fantastic travel can be into space, under water, flying in the sky, through the jungle on a dinosaur, in the circus or whatever can be imagined! Dreamlike adventures from the everyday to the extraordinary. Combining creativity and imagination with design and technology, literacy, art and drama.

Creation Myths (Year 3/4)
Working with multicultural tales from around the world, shadows are ideal for portraying deities, monsters, magical beings and the Elements - earth, fire, water and air. Incredible transformations can be acheived. Combining history and sociology with art, drama, design and technology and literacy.

Classic Tales (Years 5/6) and (Years 7-9)
Storytelling the visual way, using shadow techniques to bring poems or texts alive e.g. Pinnochio or The Tempest. Small groups work in teams to form mini-theatre companies and devise dramatic scenes on an animated storyboard projected onto a screen.

Animated Issues (Years 5 - 9)
Using shadows to explore difficult emotional issues using role-play, masks, puppets and scenery

  • Bullying
  • Fear /Abandonment
  • Sex & Relationship Issues
  • Asylum Seekers Issues
  • Genetics and Future Technology
  • Droylesden Academy, Manchester


    Booking Details

    Ages Suitable for early years to further education
    Running time Minimum session 3 hours (morning or afternoon) up to a residency for one week.
    Suitable venues Nurseries, schools, colleges, arts centres
    Availability All year round
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