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Mask Making Workshop

Junior Schools
Years 1 – 6

One artist for one day working with 30 children with teacher support.

We begin with a demonstration and a discussion on the uses of Masks – What is a mask?

From DNA’s collection, we bring a large variety of different types from all around the world.
The use of the full face mask from Greek Theatre, and from Italy the tradition of Commedia dell’ arte half-face comedy theatre masks.
How masks are used in Carnival Celebrations all over the world from Venice to Trinidad.
Why masks are used in Traditional Rituals and our Contemporary use in Western Society.
Other practical uses of masks.
Children get to explore the masks – hands on activity.

Demonstration of mask making technique for paper bag masks.
Children decorate with collage techniques using a variety of materials and trimmings.

Masks can be themed eg. animals, rainforest, fairy tales or Carnival style.

In the afternoon finished masks are worn and paraded.
We look at movement and emotional literacy in mask performance, how to convey emotions thru body language to an audience.
We create a ‘Play in a Day’!

As an alternative, two classes can makes masks in a morning and afternoon session with no performing time.

All materials are supplied.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 6-11 year olds
Running time half-day or all day
Suitable venues schools, community groups, activity clubs
Availability all year
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