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Handy Tips

This is a short piece of visual theatre that features nothing but a hand. After a rude awakening, the hand goes about it's morning washing and dressing ritual before setting off for the day, but a chance encounter with a flying piece of rubbish brings an odd change. Is it a turn for the worse, or a twist of fate?

Handy Tips was devised by Adam Bennett for DNA Cabaret and over the years has been worked on and improved. Phelim McDermott of Improbable Theatre helped out in rehearsals.

Handy Tips featured as a cabaret act at the London International Festival of Theatre in 1999, and in the Visions Festival of Visual Theatre 2004.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 12 and over
Running time 10 minutes
Suitable venues small spaces
Technical information no technical requirements
Availability As a gift to festival bookers
Reviews - "Adam Bennett's naked digits performing Handy Tips - a day in the life of a hand - Dynamic New Animation is a good example to a contemporary company that moves easily from work aimed at children to work aimed at a general theatre audience to adult cabaret." - Total Theatre
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