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Doctor Nose Travels Through Time

Thurtinkle is a much loved storyteller from the land of the Big Noses who lives in a tiny house and for over ten years he and his friend Rachel have delighted and fascinated children with the tales he has collected from all over the world.

Now he has turned his little house into a time travelling machine! Thurtinkle has been collecting stories from the past and is eager to tell the new tales he has collected using his unique mix of electrifying storytelling, skilful rod, shadow and glove puppetry, specially composed music in his relaxed and chatty audience participation style.

In his travels, Thurtinkle has visited the Vikings, questioned Queen Victoria, shaken hands with Shakespeare, rapped with the Romans and taken tea with Tutankhamen. Now, in a series of entertaining performances, Thurtinkle brings history to life in this enjoyable and informative performance for 6-11 year olds

Thurtinkle's myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thurtinkle

Thurtinkle & his friend Stephanie bring these magical tales skillfully to life using their trademark participatory style - a blend of world class puppetry, gripping storytelling, an original musical score and DNA's trademark participatory style.


Thurtinkle is a Svirfneblin (common name Deep Gnome), born 287 years ago in 1721, near Rochdale. His current address is Bottom-of-the-Garden, 22 Ford Close, Britain. He trined as a magician and specialised in Illusionism acheiving a 2.1, which is a pretty good grade. He had a career as an adventurer but then suffered a workplace injury - a band of brigands captured him and permanently injured his right arm.

Since then Thurtinkle ( AKA Dr Nose - The Nose That Knows) has become a popular storyteller, travelling around the world and into the past collecting stories to share with his friends.

He loves nothing better than a Nice Cup of Tea and in his spare time mends broken hearts with special thread he has invented himself (and a bit of tape and glue)


Director & Designer: Rachel Riggs
Guest Director: Steve Wright
Puppeteer: Adam Bennett / Mark Duncan
Performer: Stephanie Ridings / Rachel Riggs
Music Composition: Verbal Vigilante Music
Script Development: Julie Brown
Prop and puppet maker: Heather Berrill
Latex Puppets: Jonny Dixon
Extra Puppets: Georgina Solo
Stage fram construction and fabrication: Jonathan Hale

Thanks goes to: Celine Wyatt and the Worden Arts Centre, Leyland
Arts Council England
Grand Theatre, Lancaster
Cuerden Church School and Bleasdale Village Hall

Workshop Information

To complement the performance there is an exciting crafting workshop available to extend young people's participatioin and to aid audience development. Activities include creating
- an Ancient Eqyptian canopic jar from recyled materials
- a Viking warrior or monster from found objects and materials
- a singing and dancing plague rat from Tudor times.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 5 - 11 year olds
Running time 50 minutes
Suitable venues theatres, arts centres, schools, festivals and outdoor events.
Technical information click here
Availability 2008

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