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Technical information for Dynamic New Animation's

Dr Nose Travels Through Time

Space Required: Depth - 5 meters, Width - 5 meters, Height - 2 meters

This performer requires the venue to supply an operator for both lighting and sound.

SOUND - 12 tracks on CD or MD, cues on script sheet.

LIGHTING - The downstage area 5m wide by 2m deep to be covered by a warm general wash. 3 specials (profiles) to be focussed centre stage, 2 from in front and one rigged directly above to light the central house. 2 specials to be focussed centre stage left and right to light just above the top of the fence. The upstage area to be dimly lit in blue for a working light. Blue backlighting focussed centre stage also appreciated.

ALSO... a nice lighting effect for time travelling. This is up to the venue's discretion i.e. whatever you think will work with the equipment you have rigged. E.G. a colour chase, or random flashes or whatever. Should feel controlled for the first two times used, so it can feel out of control for the third time, when things get a bit out of hand.


An image of the set on stage. Here shown with leafy breakup as part of the forestage wash.


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