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DNA Cabaret

New Variety, New Puppetry

Put your expectations on hold and open your eyes to a world of visual theatre combining surreal Images and belly-laugh absurdism.

" The Pulp fiction of puppetry, Wild at Heart for the Ken & Barbie generation" - Croydon Cloocktower.

For over three years, DNA Cabaret! was a regular event in London at BAC-'the national theatre of the fringe' including sell-out performances during the London International Mime Festival 1996 and the British Festival of Visual and Devised Theatre 1996.

Cabaret Workshops were held in colleges as part of the DNA Cabaret 1998 Tour including Leeds Metro University, BAC, Warwick Arts Centre and Watermans, London.

Since the National Tour in the spring of 1997, where we played Music Hall Taverns, Open Air amphitheatres, Cellar Bars and Studio Spaces, the DNA Cabaret ensemble went underground cooking up a flavoursome new batch of visual feasting, premiering at the British Festival of Visual Theatre, October 1997.

The ensemble for the second national tour consisted of (below, from left) Chris Cresswell and Ruth Glaser as Lennie and Morris, Adam Bennett, Bob Pearce and Zannie Fraser.

Relax over a drink and enjoy an unusual collection of acts presented by a team of puppeteers, comics and cabaret variety artistes and hosted by Lennie and Morris, our two wacky comedy comperes - "experts in eccentricity" Total Theatre magazine.

"Emphatically experimental ... and hearteningly varied in form" - The Independent

"fast becoming the guiding pulse in the puppet world" -TNT

"This is a rich and largely untapped theatrical form. Join the audience of enthusiasts ... and become one yourself." - Total Theatre

By the time the company retired DNA Cabaret, we had produced 50 performances in five years. The influence of DNA Cabaret has been profound, not only on the company, but also on the fusion of puppetry into new visual theatre forms.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for 12 and over
Running time 90 minutes
Suitable venues Anywhere there's an atmosphere
Availability Not currently available

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