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Chicken Licken

"DNA’s wonderful blend of classic tales is one of the best children’s shows touring the UK" - Barney Jeavons, The West End Centre, Aldershot

Chicken Licken is DNA's most popular production, touring nationally & internationally for over ten years.

The production is performed in English, French or Spanish.

Performances include the National Theatre - London, Take Off Festival -UK, The Lowry - Salford,
Electric Picnic Festival - Ireland, Santiago de Compostela - Spain, Charleville Festival of World Puppetry - France,
UNIMA International World Congress - Australia, Prague World Puppet Festival - Czech Republic, Puppet Buskers Festival - Belgium.

A baby chick is born and thinks the sky is falling down. On the way to tell the King, she meets Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky & Turkey Lurkey, but there's a shocking surprise! Chicken Licken grows up to be the Little Red Hen and asks her friends to help her make bread, but no one wants to play! Mixed into this recipe of food, puppets and music is the story of Little Red Hen and the sly Foxy Loxy. Will she outwit him and save her stuffing?

This one-person show is a trilogy of classic tales from the Ladybird books - Chicken Licken, The Little Red Hen and The Fox and the Hen told with shadow and rod puppetry. Starting as a baking demonstration, the show rapidly becomes the adventures of a growing chick and her encounters with a hungry fox.

Directed by Rachel Riggs, puppets by Eve Ravenscroft
Originally devised and performed by Adam Bennett
Chicken Licken has also been performed by Mark Down (Blind Summit) and Mark Whitaker (Horse & Bamboo)
Musical score by Jon Owen

Photo credit: Phil Crow +44 (0) 7787 155852 http://www.philcrow.com
- photography - design - video - digital imaging -

Family Workshop

A special workshop for early years, to extend their participation, and aid audience development and family learning.

The Chicken Licken performance can be accompanied by a simple shadow puppet workshop. The kids cut their favourite characters from the show out of card.

If it's a chicken they bring it to life with a magic feather. If it's a pig it gets a pipe cleaner curly tale. They make a cellophane window in the creature, tape on a bendy straw and hey presto! It's a shadow puppet!

They get to try out their creations on the actual stage set, two by two, in a 'Parade of Poultry' with music from the show as the others applaud.

The workshop session lasts for approximately 40mins and can be held with up to 25 children with adult support.

All materials supplied.

Booking Information

Ages Suitable for three to six year olds
Running time 45 minutes
Suitable venues Theatres, arts centres, halls and community venues, street & outdoors
Technical information Available here
Availability All year round


Reviewed by Ronnie Haydon in Time Out, May 17th 2000


Download the short video of Chicken Licken here (14.1Mb, ~4 Mins playing time)

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