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The Cabinet Of Hearts

"a remarkable performance. Animation is defined in a perfect way. The audience is drawn into the world of the performance which has more than one meaning." Vecer Str (Ljubljana newspaper - LUTKE 95)

If you lose your heart where does it go? When you break your heart, who mends it? In an abandoned room, in a cabinet of hearts, each heart has a story to tell, a story in which everyday objects and sculpted materials are animated to become characters and symbols of passion, romance and heartbreak in a series of transformations. Using specially composed music and original writing the audience is offered an experience that fuses visual art and theatrical entertainment.

Developed in collaboration with Mark Pitman (Garlic Theatre), Cliff Stapleton, Sean Myatt, Sharon Silver, Katherine Karpilov, and Ruth Glaser

Live music composed and performed by Roshana Plashkes.

First performed in 1994 at BAC in London. Toured nationally in the UK and travelled internationally to the International World Festival of Puppetry in Charleville-Mezieres, France, and the LUTKE '95 International festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Cabinet of Hearts is a moving and humorous animation for adults in which affairs of the heart are laid bare by a company of three performers, six characters, two ethereal beings, a stuffed cat and a puppy dog. Using puppetry and object manipulation, the contents of an old and disused room are brought to life by performer puppeteers and assembled together to create short pieces of theatre that tell stories of love in different ways.


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