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"It's dynamic use of overhead projectors, simple torchlight and a few pieces of material make the set look like hand-made magic." - Total Theatre

Baba Yaga is a crazy Russian witch who flies through the air in a pestle and mortar. She delights in catching children and setting them really tough challenges. Those who fail are in big trouble!
Her house rampages through the woods on a pair of chicken legs and her fence is made of bones & skellys! When Lisa is captured by the Baba Yaga, her only hope is her magical living doll and her own cunning.

Dynamic New Animation (DNA) presents an exciting adventure story for children age 6 upwards and their families using visual theatre, projected imagery, puppetry, dynamic physical performance, specially composed music and stunning animated set design.

Original music by Verbal Vigilante Music



Premiering at Komedia Brighton in 2005, Baba Yaga Boney Legs toured London, the Midlands, Wales and the North of the UK 2005-7. The show became a highlight of the Green Man Festival in 2006 & returned there by popular demand in 2007.

Director & Designer - Rachel Riggs
Specialist Design - Jo Pocock
Acrobatic Direction - Flick Ferdinando
Live Music Direction - Sian Phillips
Performers - Adam Bennett, Emma Lewis, John Slater
Puppet Maker - Georgina Solo
Production Manager - Jonny Quick
Metal Artist - Jonathen Hale

Thanks to Jake Rowney - Southport Arts Centre, Emma's Gran for all the sewing...


Workshop Information

A family learning workshop girl holding hand made puppetpuppets made by workshop participantsis available to accompany this production. The workshop will allow audiences to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the skills and techniques used in the making of Bab Yaga Boney Legs, with practical activities in puppetry, design and visual theatre techniques.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for families
Running time 50 minutes + workshop 30 mins
Suitable venues Arts Centres, Theatres, Festivals.
Technical information Click here
Availability By Negotiation

Review by Fred Dalmasso in Total Theatre Spring 2006

"The poetical moments are very elaborate, in particular the striking Images of horsemen Day and Night riding in shadows over flags to make crops grow overnight." Click here for more

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