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Dynamic New Animation (DNA) is devoted to the promotion of puppetry as an art form to people of all ages, races, ethnic origins and abilites through performance, educational workshops and development work. We present visually stimulating, accessible entertaining performance that encourages audiences of all ages to live happier, healthier and more productive lives with a strong sense of wellbeing and empowerment, encouraging active participation in all aspects of society.


The performance artform of puppetry is central to all of the company's work. The creative team of Adam Bennett and Rachel Riggs are highly experienced both in creating performances and performing in shows created by other puppetry or visual theatre companies. Prior to company formation, both Adam and Rachel had successful freelance careers and Dynamic New Animation builds upon the successes of their previous touring theatre productions, workshops and collaborations. Alongside the creation of performances, DNA also creates showcases, festivals, educational workshops and residencies, artwork and installations.


DNA is developing an approach to puppetry that draws upon a multitude of traditional and modern techniques in design, construction and performance. To this end DNA is committed to the further education and stimulation of core company members to keep this amalgamation of techniques fresh and vital to the company's work. Training in puppetry and visual theatre practice has included:
  • marionette construction at the Little Angel Theatre, London
  • object theatre with Luis Boy at the Puppet Centre Trust, London
  • puppet movement studies with Albrecht Roser, Amsterdam
  • visual theatre devising and directing with David Glass at Norwich Puppet Theatre
  • film and TV puppetry with Gilly Robic, Francis Wright and Richard Coombes at the Central School of Speech and Drama, London
  • virtual puppetry and motion capture technique at l'Institute International de la Marionette, Charleville-Mezieres, France
  • traditional Indian dance movement and shadow puppetry with Mrilani Sarabai at Norwich Puppet Theatre
  • traditional Chinese (Shanghai) rod puppets and techniques with Xiao Hu, at Spare Parts Theatre, Australia
  • devising and construction techniques with Gavin Glover and Liz Walker of Faulty Optic
  • improvisation and devising practise with Phelim McDermott of Improbable Theatre

    DNA devises and develops its performance through the physical capabilities of the puppets, objects and the set design onstage to create an action-based stage dynamic. While the spoken word and the influence of literature and music are considered important, they are used primarily to support action-based puppetry.


    DNA draws upon traditional tales in its work for children, and historical research in its work for youth and adults. The company commissions design and construction from experienced puppet makers, and originally composed music for the performances.

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