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a visual journey for early years

"The performance was of high quality and very imaginative."
- Act3 International, Singapore

“…a room full of kids were entranced. Some of them stood up or scampered down to the front for a better view; all the time, you could almost hear those young minds ticking over, faster and faster. Allow me to nominate the superb Atishoo as the little highlight of the festival.”
- Perth International Arts Festival, Australia 2012

A box of tissues, a roll of paper.
Wiping runny noses, dabbing at tears.

Revolving around a young girl with the flu, the audience is led on a trip to places which symbolise her different symptoms. Using a mixture of puppetry, music, lighting, shadows and paper, ‘A-Tishoo!’ allows the imaginations of children to run wild. With a bed which turns into a tissue box and then magically changes into a boat, the play is an enchanting and creative journey through an experience everyone can relate to: the common cold.

Using innovative visual theatre techniques and delightful puppetry, Dynamic New Animation (DNA) lead young children through imaginative landscapes and stories with a specially composed soundscape by Indonesian composer Haviel Perdana.

Atishoo! premiered in Spring 2004 with a UK national tour
In Spring 2005 Atishoo! was performed for a week run at Bristol Old Vic
and at the Lowry, Salford for a special christmas season 2007 before touring to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for Act 3 International arts season.

Directed and designed by: Rachel Riggs
Puppeteer:Adam Bennett
Production Manager & Lighting designer: Jonny Quick
Performer: Kay Robinson (tour 1), Anna Wilson (tour 2), Becky Manning (tour 3, featured on video), Tids Pickard (international tour)
Set construction: Jonathan Hale / Adam Bennett
Soundscape Composer and Musician: Haviel Perdana
Child's voice: Rebecca Riggs-Bennett
Voice recording: Katy Harris

Thanks to Julie Brown, Porl Cooper, Celine Wyatt for all their support and assistance.


Workshop Information
available as an interactive theatre play session 'Tissue Play' with

Accompanied by a tissue play workshop for early years, to extend their participation, and aid audience development with family learning. Using lots of sheets of white and coloured tissue, we go on a journey through snow, leaves and water, making our very own scrunchy tissue puppet animal to play with.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for under 6's and their families
Running time 45 minutes
Suitable venues theatres, arts centres
Technical information Click here
Availability by negotiation
Contact dna @ dynamicnewanimation.co.uk


Manchester City Life interview by Kevin Bourke
"It's tissue-tastic!", proclaims Rachel Riggs, Artistic Director of this magical show from DNA

"Atishoo! is a seasonal tale of a girl and her runny nose, whose imagination leads her on a magical journey through paper lands of ice and snow, swimming underwater to meet crepe-paper sea creatures, and dancing among magical forests of tissue trees."
For the full article, click here

“…a room full of kids were entranced. Some of them were overcome with fascination and stood up or scampered down to the front for a better view; the questions to mums and dads flew thick and fast. And all the time, you could almost hear those young minds ticking over, faster and faster.By popular acclamation, Les Studios de Cirque’s Place des Anges has been the big highlight of the festival. Allow me to nominate the superb Atishoo as it’s little one.”
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